Changes PKT

- Update panel (PKT BluePanel)
- Update InfoCenter
- Updated list of channels
- Update Picon
- Update crossEPG 0.6.1 (SVN 241)
- Add options in the Record Paths HDD + patch
- Added liquid quenching infobar, with the possibility to enable / wyłącznenia in SkinSetup
- Added possibility to introduce the pilot of the national character: Polish, Czech, German, Swedish, Spanish (useful MyTube)
- Repair of Software Manager
- Repair of DVD
- Amendments of Swap
- Compensation for the disappearance of HDD temperature infobar
- New version + patch skin allienHD other skins
- New Media Center + new additions
- Added plugins VidBrowser, SHOUTcast Radio
- Added automatic Screen Saver in the Media Center Audioplayerz
- A new version of the plugin channel Controle v. 1.1 - added ability to set the aspect ratio (Aspect Ratio) individually for the selected TV channel, as well as the volume
- Improvements of performance and code optimization

[KeyMapper] calling in or by PluginBrowser SkinSetup

Red -> Default, Media Player, Media Center, Permanent Clock, Channel Control, Disabled
Green -> Aspect Ratio, Screen Saver, Channel Control, Disabled
Yellow -> Plugin Browser, Emu Manager, Skin Setup, Disabled
Blue -> Blue Panel, Emu Manager, Skin Setup, Disabled

Each key can be assigned a separate action for the shares short / long press, or independent action by pressing a short or long.

[Controle Channel] in the call set KeyMapper assign to the key: red or green - depending on your preference.

Volume level: the volume of the channel - a value of 0 means that no change
Aspect Ratio: aspect ratio, the value of Default means that the image has a format as it is selected in the AV

[Notes on handling CAM]
menu -> Configuration -> System -> Configuration you can ostawienia fake_CA1
settings for individual emu:
no - one head of service for users of CA1 CAMów - mbox oscam of boxtype = ipbox
ca0 - one head of service for users of ca0 CAMów - mgcamd, oscam of boxtype = ufs910
CA1 - support for the two heads CAMów using CA1 - oscam of boxtype = ipbox (default)

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