PGI v1.0, Kiryu
based on CRD 13736

Special Notes for PGI 1.0
============================================================ ===================

First and foremost, thank you for your patience! It took us a while to prepare this release but hopefully the long wait was worth it.

Besides all of the not so obvious (but countless) bug fixes there are several new major features that we introduce with this release. The biggest of which is the EPG handling. Most EPG code has been rewritten and the EPG data is now stored in a standard SQLite database. This means several cool things:

1) The EPG data is really persistent (provided you have HDD or USB device to store it) and will not be lost after a reboot
2) It is now possible to insert your own data into EPG database (think XMLTV, although some format conversion would be required)
3) PGI now supports EPG from more "non-standard" providers (see /var/etc/epg/private_epg_info file)
4) There is a new icon on the info banner with 'EPG' logo which appears when the box processes an EPG data stream
5) There is new addition to the web interface that allows you to fine-tune EPG fetching per each TP (including background EPG scanning)

As if all of that was not enough, there are many nice improvements to the channel list where you can see lots of additional information for each channel, like the current event / upcoming event (Yellow button), the remaining time till the end of the current or start of the next event as well as the Transponder/Provider information footer. The favourites list has been enhanced too. You can now see the Favourite group name at the top of the list, the channel numbering in EACH favourite group starts with #1 and the same channel in multiple favourite groups is handled better now.

There are MUCH MUCH more smaller (but important) enhancements and changes in this release most important of which are listed in the changelist below.

Change List for PGI 1.0
============================================================ ===================

- New: EPG handling is completely rewritten, EPG is now stored in SQLite database (needs HDD/USB to persist, see Special Notes above)
- New: EPG from more non-standard providers is now supported (see /var/etc/epg/private_epg_info)
- New: improvements to background EPG scanning, new web interface for TP selection for EPG scan (see Special Notes above)
- New: new icon on the info banner that shows when EPG data is being received from TP (see Special Notes above)
- New: reworked simple channel list - more EPG info, next event, remaining time & TP info
- New: reworked favorite group handling - FAV name on top, each group starts with channel number 1, including radio channels
- New: same channel correctly recognised in multiple FAV groups when zapping with up/down
- New: improved AAC decoding
- New: aspect ratio setting is memorised per each channel (see /var/etc/ar.conf for more info on custom AR)
- New: added bookmarks and a screen saver to Shoutcast radio
- New: recording name is shown on VFD during playback
- New: allow LNB/TP editing and channel scanning when recording timers are present
- New: jump EPG list with left/right keys
- New: any script can be assigned to a colour button via standard web interface (see /var/www/cgi-bin/system/plugins/scripts_addon_user.conf)
- New: added binaries for and dynamic DNS services (see /var/bin/init.d/start.dyndns)
- New: added scp and Midnight Commander to the image (run 'mc' or 'mc -s' from the Telnet session) including new visual editor: 'mcedit'
- New: more free space in /var directory (ATTENTION: DO NOT use /var for storing EPG database file!!!)
- New: changed multiboot config (see Notes on Multiboot below)
- New: improvements in M3U files parser, by default the file /var/www/list.m3u is used (can be edited by the user)
- Fix: channel scanning would stop before scanning all channels
- Fix: aspect ratio sometimes reset when using timeshift
- Fix: simultaneous recording and watching of 2 encrypted channels on the same TP (including PiP)
- Fix: playback of recordings which contain partially scrambled data does not break in the middle (skips to the next descrambled point)
- Fix: time above timeshift cursor shows timeshift time, not current time
- Fix: recording list caused crashes under various conditions and did not delete last recording
- Fix: attempt to fix TCP receive window too high for hanging bit-torrent client / FTP transfer
- Fix: non-ASCII characters are displayed correctly in mounted Windows shares
- Fix: fix for Cyrillic characters in the RSS reader that caused caused crashes with some RSS channels
- Fix: multiple PiP fixes
- Fix: multiple PVR fixes
- Fix: multiple subtitles fixes (known issues with FreeSat subtitles)
- Fix: countless number of general panics and crashes fixes
- Update: recording converter handles special chars better, general improvements to converter
- Update: updated most libraries and binaries (busybox, e2fsprogs, sqlite, usb_modeswitch, nano, dropbear and more)
- Change: USB devices accessed via /mnt/usb/sd... are now mounted without the "sync" option (see /var/etc/mount.sdx1 for more info)
- Removed: YouTube, Multiroom

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