PGI Final RC2 mod by "uncle Theodore"

list of changes compared to the PGI 1.4. Blue marked change from Final RC1.

Fixed a problem when scanning channels when the total number of transponders increased if there was no signal to the transponder scanned
Fixed an issue where if you set up LNB was no option "Repeat the entire group of commands"
Fixed an issue (in the Final RC1) it impossible to make a backup copy of the image using the PC-Editor

Fixed a problem with the initialization of adapters WiFi, by mistake crept into the archive with PGI 1.5
Fixed problem with unrecognizable USB flash drive, when he was only option (without HDD and NFS)
Fixed problem with displaying the TV Guide in the "Guide + 1 column on the left"
Fixed a bug that caused the lack of pictures, which ended the record and was included timeshift recording channel
Fixed a bug that prevented the timer to sleep after activation
In the driver adds support for WiFi devices ID: 2001:3 C15 for the RT2870 and 2001:3 C1B for RT3070 (with no guarantee of work)
Updated the file / var / etc / epg / nonstandard_encoding: Cyrillic Lybyd transponders on TV (36E) and the Continent TV (85E)
Updated: busybox, dosfstools, dropbear, e2fsprogs, freetype, fribidi, iptables, mc, sqlite, usb_modeswitch and the base of the satellites and transponders
Added scripts for TV Guide Cyrillic and output identifiers Picon (previously available separately), and a new script to download the factory base of satellites and transponders from the Internet (more here ).

NOTE: When downloading a clean base db.dat with a new script, you lose all the presets and any other settings that depend on this list (favorites, timers, etc.)! The basic settings of the receiver at the same time will be taken in the downloaded script net basis.

If you start to set up new channels, such as immediately after the receiver is flashing a new firmware, we recommend that you download a fresh db.dat with a new script that you had the new base of satellites and frequencies.



Vu+Solo SE
Edision Progressiv HDc+
GooBang Doo ABOX Smart TV

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