Change List for PGI 1.2

- Change: EPG database structure changes; after installing this image all existing EPG data will need to be refreshed
- Change: removed EPG 'Multi-TP' scanning flag from web interface; EPG for channels from other TPs is now read automatically
- New: left/right keys allow viewing the detailed EPG info in the epg list (press "EPG", then "i" on a program name and then left/right)
- Fix: power button "turn off with long press" behaviour is back to normal
- Fix: moving channels up and down in the Fav lists is working like it should
- Fix: corrected navigation in Fav list when one or more Fav groups have been deleted using PC-Editor
- Fix: EPG for DVB-T now shows program names properly
- Update: FreeType, mc, iptables, usb_modeswitch updated to the latest versions
- Downgrade: db.dat revision downgraded to R13329 to be compatible with the PC-Editor (purely a label, no data or db structure is affected!)

Flash & Usb versions

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Vu+Solo SE
Edision Progressiv HDc+
GooBang Doo ABOX Smart TV

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