TitanNit Imageversion 1.57 stable



disable dualboot 
remove software manager 
mipsel add vfd flashing output 
fix loading on onlineupdate 
[titan] mipsel.. set the real local rtc time 
ipbox9000 use cable settings 
set MAXBGDOWNLOAD from 5 to 10 
[titan] fix poweroff menu after standby 
Skins erweitert und angepasst
TPK angebot erweitert
[titan] at6000 set vfd to channel number 
atevio7000 tray svn tuner driver 
[webif] debug adjust only for beta images 
[skins] new default skin mod thx to maenne79 
[titan] DVB-C... fix for channel not found 
[titan] mipsel.. deactivate HDMI-OUT when standby 
[ICONS_Vorlagen] update 
Sprachdateien erweitert und angepasst
fix ipbox multituner 
[titan] workaround for sometimes reboot after standby 
[skinsdefault_default & defnominitv] update oled_mute.png 
[skin default] better place for indicators 
[titan] correction extepg path 
[skinsdefault_default & defnominitv] add oled_timeshift.png 
[titan] activate vfdmutex at mute 
wakeup hdd befor listing http streams 
fix gst exit buffering infobar 
fix merge cfg 
fix gst buffering infobar 
[skin default] prepare timeshift symbol oled 
prepare timeshift oled symbol 
set default hdd sleep to 5min 
fix reset minitv on tunerconfig with ok 
[titan] update ru-po files thx Mosfet 
[nogfx skins] fix moduleconfig 
[MegaStyle skins] fix moduleconfig 
[cool skins] fix moduleconfig 
[skin default] oled symbol for rec and mute 
[titan] mipsel.. fix mute in external player 
[titan] mipsel.. zap also when mute 
mipsel update > stable branch beta > 2.4er branch 
mipsel gst buffering clean infobar after buffering 
[webif] front power action 
[default_skin] add frontpowercontrol 
add frontpoweraktion to adjust 
build ipbox91 p207 
revert 31856 
switch to branch 2.3 
delete mc 
[titan] mipsel.. transcode at transcode button 
fix new frontpower code 
[webif] also check transcode ability on movie list 
reactivate transcode button

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