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descriptionTitanNit Imageversion 1.59 stable

TitanNit Imageversion 1.59 stable 13/01/2015


[tpk] mc next try
nemesis enable dualboot
mipsel fix 16:9 policy letterbox > panscan
test gstreamer subtitel
[tpk] add mc
[titan] add motd.titan.ufs913
[titan] add getredbutton and getbluebutton, fix
crypted stats
sprachen gefixt
no make dvdplayer for mipsel
switch Version 1.59
[titan] add infobar selection
[po de] text fits now better in messagebox
fix kino jpg
homecast add flagfile
readd spark step2
readd spark step1
add tpk restor files for mipsel
[non-default skins] add wss mode selection
gst buffering only on start
tpk min versions check
fix settings homecast sat
add homecast-cable.cfg
fix language setting
add Astra sat ORF Settings
add titan.homcastsat.cfg
add homecastpro-sat homecastpro-cable
add xpeedlx2/xpeedlx3/sezammarvel images
[tpk] update settings and transponder add DVB-T Austria
ufs913 fix
[skins] fix oled 2
[doku] update skindoku.txt
titan.cfg ipbox9000 sat
upgrade sh4 titan plugins with Minversion: 0.1
[skins] new oled symbols for all skins
tpk add Minversion: 0.1 to mipsel titan plugins
fix community
disable tpgupgrade to newer version
fix vfddate
[tpk] update settings and transponder
[skin coolMiniTV] OLED Symbols
fix workaround.ufs913/modules_p215
switch update to nightly branch
fix display UFS913 micom.ko
[Settings_Prev] change prev.png - KabelPlus
add workaround bgd for filenuke user-auth links
crypted community login
guest send uncrypted pass
[skins] new skin DefNoMiniTV mod, based on default skin mod by maenne79
tithek fix movreel
[skin] show record and streaming symbol also in standby
tithek optimize streamcould
tithek add hoster promptfile and update filenuke
move int setrtctimemips to mipselport
move more parameters to box configs
[titan] fix old mutex error
import settings to all configs and clean merge.all.cfg
[tpk] Update services remove reader for Hallo TV New Binary Version 10116
[titan] at6x00... fix standby clock
[titan] nemesis.. fix the display at epg-scan
only epglog when scanning

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descriptionRe: TitanNit Imageversion 1.59 stable

Hello, Please, I want to know if i would usb image is paying me to not download too, thank you for your reply.

descriptionRe: TitanNit Imageversion 1.59 stable

If you're asking what type of images these are, well these are only flash images not usb.


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Locuri de munca in Europa

descriptionRe: TitanNit Imageversion 1.59 stable

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