*                                    ver. 9.25                              *
- main code: acceleration,, changed method to get HBB info, optimalized events
- changed method to get picon in all renderers and main code (fix to 10 active
  char lenght, iptv and other)
- fix iptv service detection
- changed option: Enable ECM/CAID info in ecmline to: ECM line type with options
  : Ecminfo only, Ecminfo and CAID, CAID and SID, SID only
- updated pl, sk, cz, en, ru, de, it, uk, pt, tr, es, fa, al, ro, hu, nl
- help updated in download

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Vu+Solo SE
Edision Progressiv HDc+
GooBang Doo ABOX Smart TV

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