Official Firmware DEV 2.1.8 20150313

Last Updated 03/13/2015
[NEW] Mini-zapper feature in booting
[NEW] Telnet feature support
[NEW] EPG Grid timeline interval option in EPG slide menu
[NEW] HbbTV icon display time option in Advanced menu
[NEW] EPG language in slide menu of EPG
[NEW] Fast Forward and Rewind feature in XBMC media playback ( beta version )
[MODIFIED] Booting time optimization
[MODIFIED] XBMC media playback start optimization
[MODIFIED] Seek and long jump while playback media in XBMC optimization
[MODIFIED] Loading large AVI file optimization
[MODIFIED] German and Russian OSD translation update
[MODIFIED] Change Main menu ( XBMC -> MEDIA/XBMC )
[MODIFIED] Animation effect in PVR side
[MODIFIED] Added rename timer option on Add manual timer dialog
[MODIFIED] Left/Right navigation of Numeric dialog
[MODIFIED] Added a warning message of losing channels and timers in Antenna Setup
[MODIFIED] Backup and restore whole system menu
[FIXED] Youtube addon playback hang up in some countries
[FIXED] Copying files to internal HDD of Prismcube from OSX
[FIXED] PIP on Skin Bello
[FIXED] Show next/prev EPG bug on Live plate
[FIXED] MP3 playback bug
[FIXED] Fastscan channel name update bug
[FIXED] Minor GUI bugs
[FIXED] Timeshift plate stays till pressing back button
[FIXED] PIP Dolby audio track issue
[FIXED] Factory reset bug
[FIXED] Weekly and Daily recording bug
[FIXED] PIP channel bug in radio mode
[FIXED] Subtitle remains when changing to previous channel
[FIXED] Incorrect Media partition size when formatting HDD
[FIXED] Flashing power LED bug when switching off
[FIXED] Stacked films playback in XBMC
[FIXED] EPG grabbing bug



Vu+Solo SE
Edision Progressiv HDc+
GooBang Doo ABOX Smart TV

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