PKT mod 1.2.456 ABCOM rev 1.2.2

Mod is based on Abcom E2 rev 1.2.2

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Changes ABCom
Enigma2HD_r110211 for AB IPBox 99xxHD/55HD


- Added in software upgrade manager
- Added internet update function
- Fixed backup / restore image (now works on USB FAT32)
- Added VLC streaming live channel (only SD channels)
- Fixed mount CIFS
- Fixed small bugs more

changes PKT:

- New EmuManager 1.02 - support for the two heads (oscam), adding support vizacam and gbox
- Fixes mount CIFS and NFS
- Adding a new module for the card - stsci.ko (works with oscam) - thx demsey
- Amendments wywołnia WLAN module
- Optimization and acceleration of InfoCenterPKT
- New version SkinSetup
- Added FontFix in SkinSetup
- Added plugin KeyMapper - can personalize the color keys, support for long / short press
- Added plugin PKT Channel Controle - including Set individual volume controls for each channel
- Added plugin PKT_BackupImage - to make a full backup image in flash (later you can upload from memory stick)
- Added plugin CommonInterfaceAssignment - CI modules tasks
- Change Management Software Configuration plugin - allows you to backup configurations optimized Enigma mod PKT
- Fixes and cosmetic skin SilverHD
- Add SilverHD HDD temperature display in infobar - default OFF
- Fix detection satellite name for item 9E when the list of satellites is also the position 39E
- Update Picon
- Updated list of channels
- Recording paths transferred to the HDD option
- Amendments EmuCamInfo
- Other fixes performance and code optimization
- Works streaming HD channels

[KeyMapper - comments]
Red -> Default, Media Player, Media Center, Permanent Clock, Channel Control, Disabled
Green -> Aspect Ratio, Screen Saver, Channel Control, Disabled
Yellow -> Plugin Browser, Emu Manager, Skin Setup, Disabled
Blue -> Blue Pane, Emu Manager, Skin Setup, Disabled

Each key can be assigned a separate action for the shares short / long press.
In KeyMapper added option of including Aspect Ratio, such as the ipbox 9xxx - to include also to change the resolution

[Notes on handling CAMów]
menu -> Configuration -> System -> Configuration you can ostawienia fake_CA1
settings for individual emu:
no - one head of service for users of CA1 CAMów - mbox oscam
ca0 - one head of service for users of ca0 CAMów - mgcamd, oscam of boxtype = ufs910
CA1 - support for the two heads CAMów using CA1 - mbox from boxtype = ipbox (default)

Regards Polish Kathi Team

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