Changes in PGI 1.3
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- New: recording of two channels of the same transponder will now work
- New: If the current program in the channel list, the remaining / elapsed time in minutes or in percent is displayed (new option in the settings menu PGI)
- New: The program description will be displayed in the channel list (one line +3 EPG data mode)
- New: Added option DiSEqC 1.0/1.1 for rotary bowls in the so-called "cascade" mode are: motor and DiSEqC
- New: The receiver remembers the last viewed record in the Record List
- New: Some hard disk options are added, removed and modified. Please read the HDD_DE.txt (too quiet for a second time)
* HDD_MEDIA, and NFS_REC NFS_REC_PROTO parameters in pgi.conf were combined into a single new option name MEDIA_DEVICE
* MEDIA_DEVICE can be specified with the UUID of the partition or with the traditional / dev / SDxx syntax
* Mkdosfs tools added for formatting hard drives / partitions with FAT32 USB flash
* All SWAP partitions on all available media are now mounted automatically, SWAP does not need to see the first partition on the disk to be
* SWAP can now be a regular file
- New: Some USB 3G modem-related options have been added, removed and changed (see NETWORK_de.txt)
* USB_MODEM pgi.conf removed from the USB modems because usb_modeswitch now automatically switch
* PPPD_PEER parameter was renamed to make PPP and is the only parameter that needs to have 3G modems to connect
* Picocom added utility for testing and adjusting a USB modem
* Improved 3G modem config templates in / var / etc / ppp including "on demand" connections (dial-up only if needed, automatic disconnection when no longer required)
- Fix: Improve the nonvolatile EPG.dat handlings (when no USB / SATA storage is used), less Proleme with the channel list "Freezers", etc.
- Fix: EPG database structure changed: should stop shooting now go much faster (All existing EPG data need to be renewed)
- Fix: With direct recording, the pop-up setting for shutdown / standby option now works correctly.
- Fix: The correct name is now displayed photographs of
- Fix: Editing the names of shots (instead of the receiving channel) is now possible.
- Fix: WebTV did not work correctly if the second tuner should be used
- Fix: Fixed and improved DVB subtitles (especially for the Nordic channels)
- Fix: time line in EPG grid now moves correctly
- Update: updated OpenSSL, usb_modeswitch, Busybox, MC, freetype, and SQLite Database transponder
- Removed: Weather forecast

Have fun,
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