Enigma2 firmware for AB IPBox 99xx receivers contains following two files:

1. Copy both files (do not change the names) from your PC into main (root) folder of
your USB flash disk (FAT32 or linux ext3. format).
2. Connect the USB disk with the files to USB connector on front or rear panel of your
3. Turn off the power by using power switch on the rear panel of the receiver.
4. Wait approximately 3 secs and turn on the power back. Watch the display. When
message „loader…“appears on the display, immediately press and hold
„Standby“ button on front panel. Hold until “USB UPGREADE” message is
displayed. Release the button.
5. Installation process begins. Whole process lasts approximately 15 mins.
Do not turn off the receiver or disconnect the USB flash disk during installation!
Wait until the end of all installation!
The end of the installation is indicated by „Update complete“ message on LCD
6. The IPBox will automatically restart newly installed image.
7. Wait until „Initial Setup Wizard“ menu is displayed.


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Edision Progressiv HDc+
GooBang Doo ABOX Smart TV

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