Plugin myTrailer 1.00

Here is a plugin for Enigma2 that will help you in choosing what to see at the cinema.
myTrailer fact you see the cards of movies currently in planning the film (plot, duration, director, cast) and also to reproduce the trailers, even in HD.

The plugin is written entirely in Python so it should run on all versions of Enigma 2 for all receivers. I've tested on the ACT personalmante (E2 1.00) and works well.

Unfortunately at 1:03 Nightly Enigma2 edition there is a problem with the display of JPEG images (see discussion Error decoding JPG Nightly 1.0.3) that this version has problems. Until the great Tideglo let us know something, I'm looking for some workaround to bypass the problem temporarily (disable the display of posters or converting them to png) ..
I will let you know when there will be a version for 3.1 Nighlty

Here's the download link:

The archive should be decompressed as usual under / usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions /

Have fun and happy holidays.